Jig Leather Coasters | Ocean Pattern (Set of 4)



Jig leather coasters are perfect for a classy and fun bar setup! Made from natural veg-tanned leather and hand-painted in our studio, each coaster brings its own unique flair. Sold as a set of 4, each piece hand painted with a rich black pattern. The Jig Coasters are available in hand-painted ocean or mountain patterns.

diameter: 3 3/4 in.

The Jig coasters are dyed with a tough wearing leather dye that will age beautifully and is very durable. The vegetable tanned leather is sealed to resist dirt and moisture, and will tan with time and exposure to sun and light. Given the nature of materials like leather and the hand-painted process, each coaster will vary a bit from the image. No two are exactly alike, but all are made with care!

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