Son of a Sailor

William and Jessica Knopp revel in playful creation and collaboration. William is a graphic designer by trade, but has made stops along the way in the Navy, the oil fields of West Texas, and pilgrimages around the world. Jessica fancied herself a creative marketing professional with a background in art galleries and museums, photographing the world around her as she went.

Son of a Sailor is a direct result of their playful collaboration. Every piece is handcrafted, and is an exploration of color, geometry, and material. Three months after launching SOS, they realized that they needed to quit their day jobs and pursue this endeavor full time. Their business has grown---fast---and they now employ a small team that helps to make Son of a Sailor's wheels turn.

Now based in Austin, Texas, the two have since been married and watched their fun creative pursuits turn into complete collections of jewelry and accessories.

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