ECO Chic

The story of ECO Chic began with a desire to learn to sew and make cute clothes for my little girl. Living in California at the time, my city was banning single-use-bags. As a huge animal advocate I completely stood behind the bag ban as a way to protect our wildlife and our environment. After all, our kids (and us!) need a clean planet to live on.

But those reusable grocery bags … so ugly and impractical!  Back to the sewing machine I went determined to make a fashionable reusable grocery bag that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry.  Of course, it would need to be washable so it wouldn’t contaminate my purchases with nasty germs. And it should fold, so I could carry and store multiple bags.

Different styles, changing features and an assortment of fabric later, the Urban Shopping Tote was born.  Since that day in 2012 I’ve added new styles and have several collections!

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